Old town street rehabilitation

  • Timișoara
  • urban rehabilitation
  • 2010
  • 46.000 sqm
  • completed

In the central area of Timisoara, the street rehabilitation project continued a public policy for space expansion and consolidation, by joining the historical squares from South to North and creating a system of inter-connecting streets. The investment, implemented by Timisoara City Hall through an EU funding program, intended to rehabilitate a public area in the historical neighborhood comprised of four squares: Piata Unirii (Union Square), Piata Libertatii (Liberty Square), Piata Sfantu Gheorghe (Sfantu Gheorghe Square), Piata Tarcului (Tarcului Square), and 10 streets, where the pavements, urban furniture and public lighting fixtures were replaced, the green space was extended, the utilities and infrastructure were restored.

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The rehabilitation of the public space took into account its identity, acquired over time, an identity undertaken by the city inhabitants, to which they have become attached. The memory of the public space is one of the attributes that we need to respect and maintain. The intervention solutions on the public spaces are directed by the following guiding principle: the development of the public space from South to North as a pedestrian backbone of Timisoara city (Piata Victoriei (Victory Square) – Alba Iulia Street – Piata Libertatii (Liberty Square) – Alecsandri Street – Piata Unirii (Union Square)).

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The rehabilitation works carried out in collaboration with Prodid Bucharest and arch. Radu Mihăilescu, resulted into a complex, but unitary system on the entire surface of the public space. The project includes a series of details particularizing each representative place, in a direct relationship with the existing architectural elements.

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