Uranus Plaza

  • Timișoara
  • residential
  • 2012
  • 29.000 sqm
  • completed

At the border between Soarelui and Giroc neighborhoods, a housing area with complementary public functions, park, hospital, kindergarten, school, retail facilities, has developed and serves both neighborhoods.
Uranus Plaza is located at the border of Soarelui neighborhood and, starting from this area, it answers the urban context by integrating the public functions (services, retail, food facilities etc.) in the collective housing structure.

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The building is made of two main volumes: a vertical volume – facing the most important street providing access from the city, and a horizontal volume – mediating the relationship with the neighboring buildings. The composition is placed on a base volume (ground-floor+1st floor), with public functions (services and retail facilities), being a permeable volume, which, at the ground-floor level, is crossed by access ways and foot ways towards the courtyard of the complex.

URANUS 2landscape

The horizontal volume is placed in parallel with the neighboring GF+4F apartment building. In order to provide privacy to the housing units, a play of volumes, a dynamic and rhythmic texture was conceived, achieved by the different orientations of the interior and exterior spaces.

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