Locanda del Corso

  • Timișoara
  • interior design, restaurant
  • 2013
  • completed

The building belongs to the Jewish community in Timisoara and was built at the beginning of the 20th century, in an eclectic style. It is located at the intersection of two pedestrian trails crossing the Old City of Timisoara – Gh. Lazăr Street and Mărășești Street, having a remarkable architectural value, despite the fact that it is not included on the List of historical monuments.


Interventions on the facade were minimal and limited to the ground floor area, and were aimed to support the rediscovery of the original architecture. The design brief was fitting-out an Italian restaurant at the ground floor of this house, with a discrete and refined atmosphere, i.e. Locanda del Corso.

First, we eliminated most of the previous interventions, piled up as a result of successive usages, and brought the indoor space to its original generous size and shape. We also established a direct connection between the indoor and the outdoor public space by using transparent, floor to ceiling glazing. Finishes and furniture items are made of traditional materials, the scraped bricks provide the walls with an expressive texture and define the background of the entire indoor space. The lighting fixtures, cylindrical wooden objects, descend from the ceiling and discretely illuminate the space, thus contributing to creating a balanced atmosphere, integrated in the architecture of the entire house.