Nokia Campus

  • Timișoara
  • office
  • 2017
  • 18.000 sqm
  • completed
The functional conversion of the Electromotor industrial platform into office spaces has created the framework necessary for establishing Nokia Campus. The campus benefits from a privileged location, being placed close to the central area of the city (10 minutes’ walk) and being directly connected to the parks and green areas set up along the banks of Bega Canal, a “green corridor” with pedestrian trails and bike paths.
schema circulatii

The main challenge of the project was to find a functional and spatial – geometric structure for the space provided by the decommissioned industrial platform, which would answer both the requirements of the design brief and the premises given by the characteristics of the hall (an 18,000 sq m square-shaped area entirely laid out at the ground level).

This big surface was efficiently used by tracing some indoor “streets” that subdivide the hall into sizes fit for re-fictionalization, and allowing evacuation distances to be complied with.

The quality of the indoor space is provided by the direct relationship with the outdoors, achieved both by the positioning of the office spaces at the ground level, and by the fully glazed facades.