Timișoara Hotel

  • Timișoara
  • restoration, hotel
  • 2011
  • 17.000 sqm
  • completed
Located in the central area of the city, in the northern part of the Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), Hotel Timișoara is a complex made of two buildings. The first building, the “Central Boarding House” (the current old building of Hotel Timisoara) was built in 1933 and it opens towards the Victory Square. This building used to host both the headquarters of the Reunited Banat Banks and hotel accommodation facilities. The new building of Hotel Timisoara was built between 1975 and 1978.

The complex went through an extensive restructuring and rehabilitation process, intended for functionally joining the two existing wings, which turned the building into a reference hotel of the city.


Being placed in an urban context that is clearly defined in the memory of local people, between the Opera House and Lloyd Palace (Rector’s Office of the Polytechnic University), the interventions carried out on the facades aimed at rehabilitating and re-configuring their initial shape. The old building was consolidated and adapted to the current hotel structure.

The courtyards of the two buildings were transformed into a series of positive indoor spaces. A conference hall was built in the courtyard of the new building, and the courtyard of the old building was enclosed with a skylight and turned into an atrium, thus becoming the central space of the entire complex. The interior courtyard was integrated and turned into a spectacular connection space between the two wings of the complex.


This space provides access to the panoramic lifts, ensuring the vertical circulation in the old building, to the stairs leading to the restaurant located in the mezzanine, to the spa center in the basement, and to the conference halls at the ground floor and mezzanine level. The modernization process extended throughout the entire complex, in order to adapt the existing buildings to their current function as a hotel; interior partitioning changes were performed at all levels, and the attic and loft were completely reconfigured for accommodation purposes, while the initial exterior shape and size were maintained.

Hotel Timisoara is just like the city it was named after: cosmopolitan, connected, surprising, and its opening towards the Victory Square makes it a unique component of Timisoara’s urban life.

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