Vox Technology Park

  • Timișoara
  • office
  • 2018
  • 26.000 sqm
  • completed
VOX Technology Park office building is located on Calea Torontalului, a high-traffic lane in the northern part of Timisoara. The building is placed in a mainly unbuilt area where an edification process has just been started.

Being the first building of its size to be erected in this ample unbuilt area, the main goal pursued when developing the project was to create a structure with a strong urban identity, a landmark of the city.



The elongated shape of the construction site and the beneficiary’s desire to use the available land as much as possible have generated the need to fill the entire buildable area and go for the maximum height allowed by the urban planning regulations. The maximum resulting container was encased by a transparent glass shell. Despite this transparent, ethereal cover, the volume still conveys a feeling of “massiveness”, which is not devoid of a certain poetry. Thus, by the aesthetics of the facades we did not try to hide this massiveness but only to tame it, using it as a background for the white, elegant, rhythmic tracery which unifies the entire composition. The large size of the building is balanced by the diaphanous texture of the facades.

The image generated by the building cornice, which follows the facade line at different heights, along with the multiple windows of various sizes, create the appearance of a city skyline.


The aluminum composite panel’s finishing is matte white, with an extremely fine texture which makes it look like light is absorbed and then reflected, providing the facade with a diaphanous appearance.

Besides its aesthetic role of giving the impression of a double-layer facade, the 28 cm depth created within the aluminum composite layer is also playing a functional role of shading on the west facade.

The rhythm of vertical elements makes the facades more dynamic and more flexible in terms of interior partition layout for the office spaces.


Vox Technology Park is an office building also intended for related functions. A car parking is located in the basement, the ground floor houses commercial spaces and the access lobbies to the office area, while the upper floors accommodate office spaces. On the 7th floor of the lower building volume there is a food-court area, conference halls and a green landscaped terrace accessible to all building users.


The building structure, with the two types of current levels, i.e. with an approximately 1100 sq m gross floor area (8th to 10th floor) and 3500 sq m built area (1st to 6th floor), ensures a high level of functional flexibility, and it is adequate for a wide range of potential users, from small businesses to large corporations with extended requirements in terms of space and functional equipment. Each floor is structured so as to allow a multi-tenant type of occupancy.


On the staircase walls, with an area of about 3000 sq m, an original urban art project called “VOX Graffiti Wall Mural” was initiated. Each of the four artists invited to create within the project, transposed in a personal manner, a unique story whose purpose was to cancel the borders defined by the apparent concrete walls, providing the users with the opportunity to live the experience of an experimental art gallery, full of life and color, in an atypical space, usually seen as a collateral, unimportant area.

The building is BREEAM certified, and it has received, in the design stage, the Excellent rating, which is the highest score obtained so far in Romania.