Vox Vertical Village

  • Timișoara
  • residential
  • 2018
  • 28.500 sqm
  • under construction

We have developed Vox Vertical Village as a new urban housing concept, by which we have significantly changed the approach to the “collective housing”
function. The basic idea of this project is to bring together the characteristics of collective housing and the benefits of living in a “garden house” – generous spaces for social interaction and spacious private terraces for each residence. The spatial configuration of Vox Vertical Village is determined by two objectives: to gain a generous community space and to transform the residences into garden houses disposed on multiple stories.

The community-dedicated spaces are obtained by transforming the horizontal and vertical circulation and residence access hallways into intermediary, semi-public spaces – a complex built space, with urban-like atmosphere (street – square), where social connection is encouraged. This generous space is open, in a direct connection with the outdoors – an interconnected street and public space network. Paired modular residence units are located on each typical floor, so as to generate openings between them, allowing natural light inside the building.

Plan etaj curent-001
draft6_rezolutie mare

We managed to transform the residences from “apartments” into houses with gardens arrayed on multiple levels by extending the indoor living spaces with generous outdoor terraces (the terraces almost double the indoor surface). The terrace-oriented facades are fully glazed, which dematerializes the indoor-outdoor separation, thus turning the terrace into an extension of the indoor space, an outdoor room, adequate for many family-time activities.

Another defining element for VVV is vegetation, more than 800 trees and shrubs will be placed both on the private terraces and in the common areas.


draft 13f_rezolutie mare_alb terasa_b
draft3b_rezolutie mare

Spațiul dedicat comunității a fost obținut prin transformarea holului de circulație orizontală, verticală și de acces către locuințe într-un spațiu intermediar, semipublic – un cadru construit complex în care este încurajată conexiunea socială. Pe fiecare nivel se regăsește atmosfera unui spațiu urban (strada – piațeta) de unde se realizează accesul în fiecare locuință (casă). Spațiul este amplu, deschis, în directă legătură cu exteriorul – o rețea de străzi și spații publice interconectate, desfășurate pe orizontală și verticală. Pe nivelurile curente sunt amplasate “locuințe modulare” cuplate două câte două astfel încât între ele sunt generate deschideri prin care lumina naturală poate pătrunde în interiorul clădirii.

draft 14a_rezolutie mare_noapte_halou